EdTech Challenges and Applications: Inclusive Education




On 30 March 2022 at Malaysian time 6pm, one of our SIG member, Ts. Dr. Chee Ken Nee, who have been sharing part of his research in one of the international IEEE EDUCON 2022 conferences virtually. The details of my keynote speaking as sharing is as below.

Current EdTech Challenges and Applications in New Normal of Inclusive Education

People are becoming more connected as the globe gets increasingly globalised and diversified. It is beneficial for educators or researchers to learn about the most recent and popular educational approaches. Novel Educational technology can be a powerful tool for enhancing students\’ interest in many learning domains when it is well implemented. This presentation is about Educational Technology (EdTech) challenges and applications in the context of new normal of inclusive education, from a bird-eye view angle. EdTech is quickly becoming a vital commercial approach in critical inclusive education projects. Education is supposingly to be for all without any prejudice on any disabilities or any differences. Thematic review of modern educational technologies in new normal of inclusive education field is presented. The contents will spark serious discussion regarding developments in technology, business, and education in the coming years.

Link: http://www.educon-conference.org/current/keynotes.php

Last but not least,

Dr. Chee would like to present a poet in Malay, which crafted by his own.



Bunga raya, bunga kebangsaan,

Berkembang mekar di atas nusantara,

UPSI, Peneraju Kebitaraan Pendidikan,

Bahasa kebangsaan dimartabatkan bahasa perantara.


Ledakan teknologi kian menyelubungi zaman,

Namun, adunan teknologi dan manusiawi perlu ditekankan juga,

Pendidikan digital kian menitip tanpa sempadan,

Namun, UPSI tidak ketinggalan juga.


Ikutkan resmi padi,

Semakin berisi semakin tunduk,

Demi panji suluh Budiman kita berdiri,

Demi UPSI kita jadikan induk.

  • Hamba Chee K. N. – Pujangga bayangan
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